About our restaurant

Bobby Dazzler - is the aesthetics of a traditional English pub for many years attracted people democracy and sincerity, organically combines the past and the present. Large selection of beers, plenty of appetizers, signature dishes and a special friendly atmosphere made ​​our popular pub.

The food here is good-quality, plentiful and varied. Cooking without unnecessary stops and accents: the main goal - not to impress, and satisfy. All " as it should be "and nothing" too . " How to correctly right speech - without accents.

Classic interior pub combined with modern equipment, which can arrange the live broadcasts of the most interesting sporting events. "Moscow Reds"- Moscow fan club FC "Manchester United"- permanent and distinguished guests pub. When playing "MU", in "Bobby Dazzler"There is no space, and the atmosphere, to inflame the emotions close to the stands at Old Trafford.

Saturday night you can visit the performance of our stars - the group "Los Bolos". Their lively and cheerful music will not leave you indifferent.You and your friends will not notice, as will be on the dance floor.

The word "Pub" is derived from "Public". Perhaps, only the English can so harmoniously combine public and self-restraint (restraint), go around without crowding and without familiarity. Correctness as a natural extension of self-esteem - this quality, it appears, is not peculiar to the inhabitants of Albion, but to many of us.